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  • Lynnwood IRS Tax Advice Lawyer


    The IRS can be daunting, especially when it is trying to collect tax debt owed by you. There is no need to fear the IRS if you understand what goes into tax collection and how you fit into the legal process. With 15 years of taxation law experience, attorney Lawrence Blue is a qualified resource for IRS debt collection. He has handled hundreds of IRS offers in compromise and payment plans that have helped thousands of clients get out of debt.   Learn More

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  • Bankruptcy Lawyers

  • Excessive debt? Annoying creditor phone calls? Loss of job? Divorce?Bankruptcy Lawyers Lynnwood Chapters 7 & 13

    Dealing with financial hardship is a very emotional and stressful burden. When facing your creditors, don’€™t do it alone. Puffpaff Law can guide you through the bankruptcy process and put you on the path to a fresh start. Find out if bankruptcy is right for you.

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  • Estate Planning Lawyers

  • Whether dealing with Wills, Powers of Attorney or Trusts, we will help assess your family estate planning needs. We works hard to ensure our clients have a solid plan in place that will minimize future conflicts. If you need estate planning, please contact us for to schedule an initial consultation.

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