Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is one of the the most important parts of an estate planning. Power of attorney allows for you to formally outline your wishes in a time that you cannot do for yourself. These decisions may relate to managing assets, making business decisions, or signing legal documents in your name. Setting up a Power of Attorney gives peace of mind knowing your decisions will be made as you wish, regardless of what happens in the future. More common types of Power of Attorney include:

  • Durable power of Attorney
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Power of Attorney for a specific purpose

The Lawyers at Bountiful Law are experienced with helping clients create an effective Estate Plan. We take special care to understand the individual wants and needs of our clients and help them create a plan that works for them. If you have questions about setting up a will, trust, or power of attorney our lawyers have the knowledge necessary to help you. Call us to schedule a no obligation consultation and let us guide you through this important part of your life.